Research & Development

Our strong and unique Research and Development is the foundation of our products. Our R&D team consists of qualified professsionals, viz., Veterinarians, Pharmacologists, Chemists, Microbiologists, Botanists, and Herbalists. The focus of our R&D Department is to identify and extract fractions from the plants, which are highly efficient for stimulating a particular function or effective in controlling various diseases. Our R&D is capable of stabilizing the combination of natural oils and medications, which is a major challenge in formulations with natural medications. The extracts are standardised for extraction, tested both in vitro and in vivo before being forwarding for field and clinical trials. We also outsource R&D to renowned research institutes of the country in the form of research projects.
Nutricare Life Sciences Limited has a distinguishing feature of using the traditional knowledge of thousands of years of Ayurveda, for the health and growth of Livestock and Poultry, and is committed to research based formulations with assured quality.