The Evolution

The boom in conventional medicine is losing its shine due to its side effects and repercussions, whether in the form of antibiotic resistance, safety issues or over dosage problems.
Natural Medicines and Feed Additives are gaining popularity and acceptance across the world owing to their safety, no drug resistance problem, zero or least side effects, no over dosage problems and additionally economical as well. Natural medicine considers each person as a unique individual and uses a holistic approach in treatment. It is removing the myth of being non-efficient and slow in action. With increased public concern over the spread of antibiotic resistance in zoonotic bacterial pathogens, which poses a threat to public health, the usage of antibiotics in developed countries as growth promoters has been banned and the world is increasingly looking towards natural alternatives.
Nutricare started its journey with chemicals, realizing that these very chemicals lead to disaster and various problems, changed its mission to provide sustainable solutions. For a better tomorrow, we at Nutricare are committed to provide natural alternatives to hazardous chemicals and antibiotics used in the livestock and poultry industry.